Honourable mention for my work on 'AFTER DARK' theme, judged by Yumi and Masaru Goto.

“Ada’s confident, creative framing of this woman is alluring and mysterious – is she lost in the ecstasy of dance? Is she locked in the throes of grief? It pulls at both ends of the emotional spectrum; two feelings balanced in harmony but poised to snap. The pink skin, alien and beautiful, is an effective visual treatment – associated as it is with both emotions. Passion and rage at once.” – Life Framer

Source: https://www.life-framer.com/after-dark-2018/

Exhibition "Meta", TFT projects 2014-15


Meta is born from the idea of aking visible the projects of the students of the School, of showing ourselves proud of them. Meta aims to inspire everyone. Meta does not want to forget anyone nor does it invite to compete. Meta aims to show what we do in the EASD of Valencia.


Little by little and after four years (in some cases more) the students are reaching the Goal (Meta)

Source: http://www.easdvalencia.com/exposicion-meta-proyectos-tft-2014-15/

"DISPAR". Exhibition 25 years of Teaching of Image in the EASD Valencia

Photography and Audiovisual Creation studies are 25 years old at the EASD in Valencia. With this motive, a sample has been organized in which we will see works by authors who have studied our teachings. The exhibition, entitled "Dispar", aims to show the heterogeneity that has always prevailed in our studies and which is reflected in the works presented. From professional photography: reportage, fashion, sports ... ..to works of author, quality images have had a seat in our school. 

I participated with three of my works in this exhibition.

Source: http://www.easdvalencia.com/dispar-exposicion-25-anos-de-ensenanza-de-imagen-en-la-easd-valencia/

Assistant work with Carmela García

The key point the artist Carmela García’s (Lanzarote, 1964) works is the double need to rethink and to change the world. To carry it out from a gender perspective is not just a simple way of projecting the need for another future; but it means, in the first instance, a vindication scenario of a different consideration of the feminine in the world.

Under these assumptions, Carmela García relies on formal and iconic resources to highlight the paradox and the difficulty of the paradigm shift, experiencing a need to reevaluate the history construction, to re-read the stories on which the imaginary has been constructed. Furthermore, establishing a new references order in the articulation, as well as the construction of a radically different daily life in operative and symbolic terms.

Reason why, as will be reflected in this exhibition, her work unfolds as an exercise that develops both from the social relations history between women and an ongoing fiction that offers us oblique visions of personal contact, affinities and love between them…

Source: https://www.ivam.es/en/actividades/guided-tour-with-the-artist-carmela-garcia-to-the-exhibition-carmela-garcia-images-of-power-cartography-of-the-invisible/